Simple Healthy Breakfast || “Summer Body” Edition || Greek Yogurt Parfait

Hello everybody!

I hope you are all enjoying these summer months full of warm weather, iced drinks and beaches (Depending on where you live, sorry! You can just pretend I said pool).

Now I know many people around this time of year begin stressing over having the ideal “summer body.” Trying to get that waist line of the girl who fills your Instagram feed. Instead of wishing for someone else’s body, we should be focused on fueling ours with healthy choices. Instead of a summer body, we should be aiming for a healthy body. A body that is able to care for you and be reliable.

An important part to a healthy body, is nutrition. It doesn’t matter how many miles you run, or how many crunches you do; if your nutrition is slacking, you’re working harder not smarter. Have you ever heard the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” it couldn’t be more true. Your body runs off of of the nutrients that you feed it; feed it junk, it’ll perform like junk; feed it foods like fruits, veg, nuts, and TONS of water, it’ll thank you for it.

Anyways… Let’s get on with the recipe to help fuel your body towards health!

IMG_2989What You Will Need:

1 cup Greek Yogurt — 22 grams of protein

(Can be flavored or plain. I chose plain because it has less added sugars)

1-2 Kiwi

2-4 Strawberries

2 tsp of Pure Honey

1/2 tbsp of Chia Seeds


Step 1


Pick your preferred bowl and add your yogurt.

Step 2


Grab your fruit!

(Feel free to sub out the fruit for others if you do not like Kiwi or Strawberry)


And cut up your fruit!

Step 3

Layout your fruit on top of the yogurt.

note… DOES NOT have to be cute, I think the cuter it looks the better it tastes!

Step 4


Take your 1/2 tbsp of chia seeds and gentle sprinkle them all over the freshly sliced fruit.

Next, drizzle your 2 tsp of honey over the top, coating as much of area as you can, insuring that golden sweetness in every bite.

Step 5



But make sure to take a picture first and send it to your friends to get that food envy going!

XX Annie

P.S. Make sure to come back next week where I show you guys how to make pressed juice at home without a juicer!


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